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AMAZEO is part of the international group MYCHALACK INNOVATION dedicated to the development of project management and innovation. ADERASSA (Cost of revenue management for Sports venues) is also part of this group with whom it shares certain activities with AMAZEO.

The sports venues market is mainly addressed by ADERASSA. AMAZEO provides support for all evolution management needs and pop-up facilities.

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Cost of Revenue Management

The new evolution of revenue management in construction / renovation projects and operations.

During this last decade, ADERASSA has supported evolution of more than 30 large sports facilities projects ($ 150 Million up to $ 1.5 Billion) around the world in helping owners to find the best balance between sources of revenue (FAN EXPERIENCE) and the inherited costs (TECHNICAL INFRASTRUCTURES).

Fully oriented on the operations (actual or future), ADERASSA works to serve the interest of the owner in conjunction with the project team, the architects, the consultants, the owner’s representative or the PMO of the project.

Pop-Up Facilities

We make innovation more flexible and evolutive.

Pop-up facilities are one of the most innovative and flexible trends in event marketing ( sponsors village, po-up shop, ticketing booth…). They make it possible to create temporary installations of all shapes and sizes. Extremely modular, they are more reusable at will. based on shipping containers, they are robust, scalable, cheap and eco-friendly.

Our pop-up experts support ADERASSA projects with design, engineering, project management and operations support of this innovative facilities.

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