Real Estate

The real estate industry has been in a new cycle of change for a few years: market transformation, smart cities, behavior modification, energy savings, new uses, smart cities …

We are no longer developing a real estate project as we did not too long ago. To last over time, today a project must be modular, scalable and must be able to re-live easily to remain attractive and powerful.

Whether it’s a construction or renovation project, we integrate with the project team to ensure that the evolution is the most efficient and powerful.

We are supporting owners, developers and public entities to build the new evolutive generation of Real Estate.

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We help you give new life to historic buildings

To revitalize historic buildings or old projects, an evolution is often necessary. The malls are no longer the ideal answer today and these sites must be able to evolve according the various environmental changes and mutation cycles of the industry and the market.

We support owners, developers, and public organizations to define, manage, and operate a sustainable and successful evolution.

We believe that an effective project has the capacity to adapt to the constraints of its economic environment while adapting to the needs of the community. These metrics are constantly evolving and can not be mastered over time: The capacity of evolution of the project is the key.

In the context of development, innovation often plays an important role in making the project attractive. But most of this innovation must not be technological, it must be present in the facilities, amenities, and uses. Moreover this innovation must serve the value of the project and be sustainable in order to guarantee the effectiveness of the project. This means that this innovation must also be able to evolve.

Smart Cities Compliance

We help you prepare for tomorrow

Despite the different marketing campaigns, we know that the Smart Cities concept is not yet deployed today and that it will take decades to roll out. But what will be the place of your project at this time? how to predict its compatibility now?

What are the components necessary for the efficiency and evolution of your project?

Smart building?
Autonomous facilities?
Great accessibility?
Flow management?
Eco-friendly amenities?

We anticipate this organic evolution as much as possible by integrating into our systemic approach the components ensuring compatibility with Smart Cities initiatives.

Alternative approaches

Because sometimes it is more efficient to find new solutions.

We are always looking for new innovations to make real estate projects as evolutive as possible.

In this research we sometimes identify alternative solutions allowing different approaches especially for particular projects. Shipping containers are one of these alternative approaches.

These modular elements can be assembled to make houses, pools, offices, hotels, malls, shops…

They are robust, modular, cheap, available in large quantities and are a good protection against fire. Above all, they allow to create projects in areas that are difficult to access, in sensitive environmental areas… Or projects that must be completed in a very short time and / or with a limited budget. Covered with traditional cladding (metal, wood, plastic, stone), we do not even see that it is about shipping containers, it allows to increase even more the value of the project.

With our strong experience in pods and pop-up facilities engineering for event and sports projects, this expertise serves the evolution of real estate projects.

We Believe in efficient Evolution

Holisticly manage transformation maximizing innovation and efficiency.

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