Convention Centers

The convention centers face the competition of stadiums and arenas that are becoming more and more numerous and host meetings and conventions.

To remain relevant and attractive, they must evolve around 3 axes:


Supported by technology, it is the most versatile component and has very short life cycle.


In order to be responsive and adapt to most needs, the infrastructure of the convention centers must be as flexible as possible.


Today when people go to a meeting or a convention, they expect to see a show: the experience must be total. But they also expect this experience to be easy to access and the simplest.

Innovation, Flexibility & Experience to serve evolution of meetings & conventions

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The most versatile key of attraction.

Innovation is one of the most important key of the attractiveness for a modern convention centers.

Operators must stay abreast of the latest technological innovations to implement, but there are expectations they must consider as minimal requirements:

> Performance ready (production rigging capacity)
> Collaborative AV & IT Networks (Content Sharing / Management, Internet Of Things [IOT]…)
> Small meetings management tools (Booking and management)

AMAZEO experts support all types of convention centers projects so that they become innovative and remain so.


Scalability at the heart of attraction and relevance.

Innovation is not enough and its challenge is to keep up with an outside world that reinvents itself regularly. Convention centers must be able to adapt to all types of events and different needs in the shortest possible time. It is also essential that any innovation must be able to evolve according to the expectations and the technological evolutions.

Architects, event & meeting planners are designing large and flexible spaces, We help you make them scalable and flexible (automation design, adaptative rigging, smart connections boxes…).

One of the current developments in flexibility can be found in pop-up facilities (booths, shops …). Based on shipping containers, they make it possible to create standalone pods as whole villages in very short time. Our “pop-up experts” have real expertise in this area(design, engineering, project management), and can help you to design evolutive and innovative pods.


We help you to put the user experience in first.

It is obvious we see a steady shift towards a more user-focussed building design response. New generation of Delegates expect a more interactive conference experience based on their educational background, grasp of technology and social media.

This generation is driving a new form of engagement, accessibility and interaction at conventions and meetings bringing a growing focus to learning experience and small group interactions bringing a growing focus to learning experience and small group interactions.

Architects focus on multimodal design venues where the Convention Centre can be an entertainment venue, social venue, gallery, performance, market, education or workspace. We focus on the visitor journey to make the experience more efficient according to expectations.

Pop-up Facilities

We make innovation more flexible.

Pop-up displays are one of the most innovative and flexible trends in event marketing ( trade show booth, sponsors village, po-up shop, ticketing booth…). They make it possible to create temporary installations of all shapes and sizes. Extremely modular, they are more reusable at will. based on shipping containers, they are robust, scalable, cheap and eco-friendly.

Our pop-up experts help you with design, engineering, project management and operations support of this innovative facilities.

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